Three Things To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

You engaged beauties ready for three things to do the week of your wedding!? Well either way here it is!

1. Delegate– Let me tell you what gives me anxiety, showing up on a wedding day seeing the bride doing anything and everything that needs done. STOP. NO. PUT THAT DOWN. DON’T TOUCH ANOTHER CENTERPIECE. I MEAN IT. It’s your wedding day girl! You deserve the chance to relax, get dolled up, sip champagne, and marry the love of your life. You are surrounded with people who love you, and want the best for you. Do not be afraid to talk to your family, your bridesmaids, your groomsman, and your friends about small tasks they can do to help on the big day. I promise they will be so happy to know you trust them enough to help!

2. Write a letter/record a video for your fiancĂ© to read/watch on the day of– I love seeing couples do this. Capturing the moment of them reading those letters that each of you wrote straight from the heart, is one of the sweetest things! To put a 21st century twist on this tradition, record a video of yourself instead or writing! Send your videos to each other the morning of and watch them while you’re getting ready. This way you not only get to see that face you fell in love with, but you get to hear their voice too. Sometimes when things are crazy and hectic, that is exactly what you need!

3. Do a dress trial run– Whether your dress has a zipper, buttons, corset etc. do a trial run the week of your wedding. Send your fiancĂ© out for the day and invite you mom or maid of honor (preferably who ever is going to help you into it on the big day) to do a test run! I’ve seen zippers stick, buttons not fit in the holes, clips not quite clip right. And finding that out right before you walk down the aisle, not fun. But if you know before hand, you can adjust the timeline, have a game plan, and not panic the day of. You won’t regret it!

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