I'm Hayden!

A floral print obsessed mom-boss who laughs way too hard at her own jokes. Most days you can find me slumming it on the sofa with a massive cup of coffee in one hand, and a book in the other. I believe in being a wife-mother first, and photographer second...

Ice cream and happily ever afters are my jam!

Ready to pack my bags at any time...

together, we have four kiddos!

Married since 2015!

Troy and I sealed the deal in 2015! When we're not battling it out over another board game, we're usually chatting in movie quotes over ice cream (hers) and jerky (his).

Greyson is the youngest at four, he can (and will!) talk about dinos all dayyy. Jaylee is eight, she is always dancing and loves unicorns. Lily is ten, the color green and slime are her faves. And the oldest is Hunter at twelve, he is 100% football and video game obsessed.


As long as I get to bring my camera! I've loved photography ever since my first Barbie pink polaroid!  When I started Hayden Esau Photography while working a 9-5 job, I knew I had found my dream job. I love bringing bright joyful memories into this world through photos. So if you're like me, and bright joyous natural photographs make your heart swoon, let's do this!

I'm a hopeless romantic (slash) mint chocolate chip addict. So whether it's devouring a freezing cold dessert, or photographing your love story, I'm basically stoked on life no matter which one I get to enjoy!

wedding and SENIOR photography

Wyoming | colorado | montana