How To Find The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day!

I think it’s safe to say that a bride wants to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. And why shouldn’t you!? I know that I was so excited to get all sorts of dolled up even though the last time I had my hair styled by someone that was not me, was prom. So knowing you want to feel gorgeous, but not knowing how to make that happen, can feel overwhelming. Well I’ve got you back! Here are 5 steps to take to feel as gorgeous as ever on your wedding day!

1. Pin Pin PIN!– If you like it, pin it! Don’t think too much into it either! If it speaks to you, save it! If a random google search causes you to come across a braid fit for a princess, screenshot that! If while flipping through a magazine, you find an updo that makes your heart swoon! Tear that sucker out (or snap a pic if its someone else’s magazine) to save for the next step! If you need a jumping off point, Head HERE for a Pinterest Board dedicated to all those wedding looks!

2. Gather the data– Look through your Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, screenshots, everything you’ve collected and see if you can find a reoccurring theme. Are they mostly loose curls with dainty headpieces? Are they all perfect updos? Are they all boho braids with florals laced between? Once you see the theme of what has been catching your eye, you will know you have a clear direction heading into the next step!

3. Find a professional Hair Artist– Now that you know your style, get your self on the hunt for the gal or guy who will bring your vision to life! You cannot go wrong with hiring a professional here either. From asking your friends and family who they’ve used in the past, requesting other vendors you’ve picked out send their recommendations, or an old fashioned google search/Facebook group ask. Either way you will find a lot of options. Here are a few factors other than price to consider: Are they available for you wedding, do you love their personality, do they have positive feedback from past brides, do you need them to travel or will you get ready at their salon, do they offer trial runs, do they feel confident they can execute your vision?

Hair by The Glamour Gypsies

4. Do a trail run– This might the the most important step yet. So please don’t skip it. This will not only allow you to see how your bridal hair will look for the wedding, but it will give your stylist feedback for what you want the same/different the day of, and will give you both an idea of how long you will need for your wedding day timeline.

5. Don’t forget the perfect getting ready shirt!– Basically, if you have to take it off by pulling it over your head, don’t wear it. A stylist once told me, if it’s tight around the neck, might as well cut the shirt off, and she wasn’t kidding. Button downs and robes are so perfect for making sure all the effort put into your bridal hair, wont be in vain the second it’s time to get your dress on.

Hair by Brittney Stark

Thanks for reading! Now you’re officially prepared to have the hair of your dreams for the big day! If you loved this post, check out How Important Is A Wedding Day Timeline?


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