Casper Wy Engagement | Morad Park | Ashley & Zack

We are so close to spring you can practically go outside with just a jacket guys! With our Wyoming weather though, that still means we have random snow storms, lots of rain, and of course wind. But even with all of those possibilities, somehow, we had such ideal weather for what it could have been on Sunday! Just in time for Ashley and Zack’s engagement!

Dark clouds loomed over the whole session, but never poured rain. From downtown to the river, these two made my evening so much fun! We avoided massive puddles, mud, did not fall in the river, and laughed the entire time!

Zack proposed to Ashley on their 6 year anniversary in July. He had an entire plan in place starting with a dinner with friends, and ending with a proposal during sunset. Once they got to dinner though, he knew they were close to missing the sunset. So immediately after ordering, he asked for the food togo (causing Ashley to wonder what he was up to) and they made their way up Casper Mountain, stoping at Lookout Point. Knowing Ashley would be thinking he had something planned, he brought along a decoy gift. After giving her a necklace he busted out one gorgeous ring to propose and Ashley of course said yes! One thing I love is when soon to be grooms plan to have the proposal photographed, and Zack totally did! Having their friend Casey capture the whole thing!

Ashley & Zack, I am so excited for you two to get married! From the second we met up for our coffee date, and even more so at your engagement session, I just couldn’t get over how perfect you two are for each other! You both basically beam whenever your eyes meet, and I know your wedding is going to be a beautiful begining to the next chapter in your story. I am thrilled to get to capture it!


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