Casper Mountain | Family Winter Photos

This past Saturday, I got to head up Caper Mountain to photograph an awesome family of three! Sierra, Tyler and Trenton hopped out of the vehicle more than ready to rock these pictures!

Now as a quick reminder for anyone who has attempted family photos (especially with kids!) there is always anxiety before hand! I experience it myself every time I pack our kiddos up for what I’m sure will be a near natural disaster. It’s always a roll of the dice. Will they smile? Will they destroy their outfits before we even get out of the car? Will they transform into screaming banshees right before our eyes?! Now luckily, those things usually only happen when it’s my family’s turn for photos (Yay us! LOL).

But every now and again I meet a kiddo who just steals the show. Who straight up ROCKS the family pics! And that is exactly what Trenton did! Between his awesome attitude, and Sierra and Tyler practically glowing at their super sweet 6 year old, I loved every second of this session!

Because honestly, their teeth were chattering. They could probably not feel their fingers. They had to tromp through snow. Winter sessions are not a walk in the park! Yet somehow, these guys make it look like one! So cue my happy dance! Because for sessions like this, a lil frostbite is so worth it!


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