Downtown Casper | Snowy Family Session | Nighswonger

Wyoming winters always hold a large amount of cold, wind and snow. On somedays, we get the pleasure of experiencing all three at once. And just as luck would have it, we did have all three just in time for this extended family session!

Knowing all of the crazy weather we were going to have to face, the second I arrived at our location, I hunted for two building to sandwich us in between. Luckily I found one spot that was practically perfect! But as soon as we started the session, we realized that our calm quiet alleyway, was actually going to be a high traffic area, due to the street ahead being blocked off for the Christmas parade. *Facepalm* How had I forgotten about the parade! My genius plan was starting to feel like a major fail. But with this families willingness to trust me, we ended up staying put, and rocking the whole session between the high traffic moments!

We all waved to oncoming traffic as this awesome family hopped in and out of vehicle’s paths. We all laughed at how ridiculous we must look bouncing back and forth. In the middle of a blizzard just casually taking photos. Totally normal right?! But even if we did look slightly crazy, it was so worth it to photograph this wonderful fam! Because even when they were so dang cold, they never once complained! Making the best out of a less than ideal situation is key to having great photos! And this family completely rocked it!

Michelle and Mike! Thank you two so much for gathering up your big beautiful family to come freeze with me! You all were so amazing to work with!!! Rain, sleet, snow, or wind, I honestly can’t imagine a situation you guys couldn’t make fun!!!


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