Alcova Wyoming | Morin Family

This session has been a long time coming guys, and I am so dang thrilled it actually happened in real life! Alyssa and I have been internet friends for awhile now, so when she reached out for family photos, I almost died from excitement! And obviously, when they stepped out of the vehicle at Alcova Wyoming for the perfect snowy lake photos, I almost died again from how amazing they all looked!!!

Alyssa and Patrick drove all the way from Montana with their 3 beautiful children Jaiden, Beau, and Sawyer to step in front of the lens! So when it snowed like crazy the day before, I was starting to think we would have to reschedule entirely, and my heart may have broke a smidge (OK, maybe more than a smidge!) but luckily the roads cleared enough for them to head on over to the square state I call home just below them! And what happened after I can only describe as magical!

Now this family, not only looked like a dream come true, but they were just as amazing to work with! Let’s be honest, this time of year, even in full on coats hats and gloves it’s STILL freezing outside! So the fact that they stood in snow and wind with none of that on… deserves an award! Heck! Two awards at least!

To the beautiful (inside and out!) Morin family! Through chattering teeth, frozen fingers, and so many laughs, I loved every minute of your snowy family session! I still cannot believe how wonderful you all were in some not-so-wonderful weather! And as I type I’m concocting a plan to hang out again, because one hour was not enough!!!

Guys! Not only is Alyssa drop dead gorgeous! But she is an amazing photographer too! So of course we had to sneak in a few head shots! So dang worth it!!!! Check her out HERE!


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