5 Details You Will Want Photographed On Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day is going to be amazing, but it will fly by. And when it is all said and done, the best way to relieve this amazing time of your life is through photographs. Having photographs of not just the moments you share, but all of the details that you thoughtfully planned that will make this day so very special. So here is a list of things I definitely recommend you bring to your getting ready room to be photographed

The Bouquet and Boutonnieres- This allows your Photographer to incorporate your flowers into your details shots. It will keep your color palette consistent and really tie the details together. Plus! It allows the photographer to take photos of them while they are fresh, before bridal party photos, when they have not had a chance to get squished.

Your Perfume- A perfume bottle is a beautiful way to bring an elegant touch to your wedding details! It brings a little bit of what make you, YOU into these photographs. Also, it allows your photographs to speak for your other senses!

Your Invitation Suite- Your invitation set will have the ability to tie all of your details together! Not only were they the first piece of your wedding day that your guests received, but they are a wonderful neutral to have in details. So be sure to bring an invite, envelope, RSVP card, and any thing else you sent to your guests! You won’t regret it!

All The Rings- Thats right! Your engagement ring, wedding band, and grooms ring. All three of ’em! That Way they can all be photographed as a set. Because you two will soon officially be a set!!!

Family Heirlooms- On my wedding day, my mother gave me a letter from my great grandmother. I cannot express how wonderful it would be to have a photograph of that letter along with the other details of my wedding day. So whether it is an old photograph, a necklace your mother gave to you. Or a piece of your grandmother’s wedding dress. Bring those beautiful memories to your getting ready room and let your photographer know they are important!

Ex: On Erin and Andy’s big day, Erin made sure to have lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress tied onto her bouquet, and wore her family’s vintage saphire ring. These along with the song Erin was going to sing to Andy during the ceremony brought so much of them and their love into the details.

There you go beautiful Brides-To-Be! 5 details you will want photographed! Now don’t feel like you have to stop there! Your shoes, earrings, dress, and ring box, are just a few that might be more obvious to bring. But if you have extra ribbon or florals from your bouquet, or vintage stamps you used for invites, bring em along too!!!

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