Green River | Wyoming Engagement Photos | Elise & Cody

This week, I not only got to head to Green River Wyoming for the first time, but I got to meet Elise and Cody face to face! Elise and I had only spoke through Skype before their engagemetn session, and I was so dang excited to see these two for real!

Within seconds of our Skype call, I was hooked on how amazing Elise is! We laughed like crazy people and I was so stoked to have them become one of my 2019 HE couples! And hanging out with them for the engagement photos, was like hanging out with old friends! We shivered through giggles and jokes, knowing it would be so worth it!

These two met through mutual friends, and were both very hesitant to be set up. But through their friends hard work and persistence, they have a one of a kind relationship that is so perfect! When Cody proposed, he took Elise to a remote sot he had never taken anyone before, with picturesque rocky cliffs for them to enjoy what she thought was just a wonderful date night. Little did she know, he had much bigger plans! When Elise looked over the rocky edge to see how far down the bottom was, she turned to see Cody down on one knee, ready to spend his life with her!

Through our session they joked about who fell for who first, and they snuggled up to keep warm (because Wyoming LOL). But I seriously loved getting to hang out with the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Ungaro! And am more than thrilled to get to do it again this May! I just know their Pinedale wedding is going to rock!


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