Cloninger Family

Guys, this family session was 10 years in the making. You read that right… 10 years! The last time this beautiful family had family photos taken, Britney Spears was singing Womanizer on the radio and we were all rocking those Kanye shutter shades! (Oh early 2000’s you were interesting!) But I am so glad I got to capture this awesome family!

I you feel like something looks very familiar in these photos, that would be because Kelly was one of my awesome seniors for 2019! Getting to hanging out with him and Tammy again was fantastic! and bringing two more Cloningers into the session was the cherry on top of it all! Because Tammy rocks the role of #boymom, her and Casey together have raised Colten and Kelly so well and made the entire session so crazy fun!

To the four fantastic Cloningers, I just want to thank each of you so much for letting me photograph you guys! I had an awesome time and can’t wait to hang out again!!!


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