Paull Family

I am so excited to share this sunrise family session today guys! I just loved getting to hang out with the wonderful Paull family! I will be totally honest here… I don’t exactly qualify and “Morning Person” material. But when I woke up before the sun had even started to creep over the horizon, I was stoked! Because when it’s a family this awesome… it’s definitely worth it!!!

I just loved getting to hang out with the wonderful Paull family! Fun fact! Our families got to grow up about a block away from each other! Rita and Steve’s girls, Corie and Stevi, are two of the sweetest humans ever! They now both have marriages of their own, and you can just see how perfect both couples are for one another!

Honestly, this entire family is so much fun to be around and they have the absolute BEST sense of humor (Probably that has ever existed) because I was laughing the entire time!

I also got to hang out with little Presley again! I could not believe how much he had grown since last year! Stevi and Zack you are raising one handsome boy, and I’m so excited for your newest addition too!!!

To the entire Paull-Unterseher-Dellenbach clan! Thank you guys for waking up crazy early to step in front of the lens! Seriously you all are fantastic as heck, and I loved our time together!!!


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