Morad Park | Wyoming Family Photos | McDaniel Family

Guys, I have MISSED this part of my family! And I am so glad we got to spend some time together this week! I got to see my amazingly sweet aunt Sandy and my wonderful cousins Brandy, Lauren, and Cameron! We met up at Morad park for their family photos which held that perfect golden hour glow! Side note, can we just take moment to be in awe of their absolutly perfectly coordinated outfits?! Because planning outfits for that many people, is no easy task! But they did it flawlessly!!!

Brandy and Chris’s adorable kiddos, Carter who is 4 and Finley who just turned 2, totally stole the show being wayyy to adorable! Between Cater’s awesome kicks, enthusiasm and sweet Finley being so excited to say “Hi” to puppies and hunt down some snakes, they were seriously too cute to handle!

I loved so much getting to catch up with these 7! I can still remember enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with them when we were youngsters, and it was a total blessing to see them now that we are all so grown up!

To the amazing McDaniel/Loe clan, thank you all so much for hanging out with me this week! You guys were so much fun and I seriously enjoyed our time together! Love you guys!!!


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