Jaylee 2018

Jay-bug, you’re growing up too fast. I notice it every day. In the way you walk, play and talk. You read everything. Especially if it’s Junie B Jones or something written by Roald Dahl. And I get so proud every-time I listen to you fly through your books. Even more when I hear you dissect the plots or characters you’re reading about.

Sometimes I think the only part of my personality you have inherited is your love of reading. And maybe your love for unicorns. But you’re so outgoing and not afraid to be yourself every minute of every day. Those are traits that are all you girl! And I love that you have them, and hope you never lose them!!!

This year, you lost your first tooth (finally!) and of course the Tooth Fairy forgot to come get it (facepalm) But you were so gracious and kind, thinking “She probably didn’t know it was mine, because I’ve NEVER lost one before!”

You’ve started collecting snow globes, which reminds me so much of your aunt WyLee. And as long as you can get them home before they break, you take such good care of them! Your favorite board game is life. And we honestly don’t know how you do it… but you win every time!!!

I love when you tell me “Mom, both of our favorite color is blue!” or when you make up the craziest stories (that may or may not take a good hour to get through). You are dramatic in the best way, and are always full of energy!

Jaylee, I don’t know if you will ever stop hating cheese, or saying OOOkaYYYY in that sassy as heck voice you have established since starting first grade. But I do know I will always love you to pieces! Happy 7th birthday Jay!


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