Rotary Park | Casper Wyoming Senior Photos | Sydney 2019

On Friday night, I got to photograph Sydney for her senior photos! She giggled and laughed with me while we wandered around Rotary Park here in Wyoming. She is another amazing 2019 senior I have had the pleasure of getting to meet this year.

Sydney loves so much about the arts. From acting and creative writing, creativity flows through her! We talked all about how she wants to go to cosmetology school after she wraps up her senior year. “I have just always loved doing hair!” She lit up when she said it! And I got to see her light up again when we photographed her with her flute. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, People who are musically inclined fascinate me! Probably because I just don’t have a musical bone in my body, or maybe it’s seeing their passion in the musical instrument they hold dear!

Sydney, thank you so much for letting me photograph this huge milestone! You were fantastic to get to work with!!!


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