Thermopolis Wyoming | Senior Photos | Jocelyn

This Wednesday things got a whole lot more awesome in the town of Thermopolis. Why you ask? Because Jocelyn was there of course! For her amazing senior photos, whoo hoo! (Insert sweet dance moves here!) Who is another one of my awesome Senior Spokesmodels!!! She has such a sparkling personality and she brought that awesome sparkle with us for her session! Between our bison vs. buffalo discussion, being followed by a sweet kitty, and walking all over the Hot Springs Park, she rocked the whole thing!

Jocelyn will soon start her senior year with the rest of the 2019 class at Kelly Walsh. From there she will go to college and pursue a degree in either pharmacy or chemistry. She loves golf, and this summer she spent her time killing it in tournaments and championships. One thing I have noticed about her is that she strives to succeed at everything she does, and that is a quality she owns so gracefully!

Jocelyn and Goldie, thank you both so much for hanging out this week! You both were sooo fantastic to work with!!! Jocelyn, I know you will rock your senior year and beyond like it nobody’s business!


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