Burris Family Session

I have experienced a lot of rotten luck lately when it comes to the weather here in Wyoming. But when I showed up to Tuesdays session with clear skys and not a drop of rain in sight, I did so many internal happy dances that I practically wore my subconscious out! This family is very special to me not only because they are a joy to work with, but because Megan and Derek are actually my sister/brother-in-law. They are such generous caring souls that love helping others. And their wonderful children who they raise with all of the love their hearts can hold, Trever, Tytus, and Dakota are of course my nephews and niece.

Tytus was the most enthusiastic! Following my every direction to a T with such high energy! Dakota loved getting to take pictures with mom and dad she snuggled up to them with a whole lot of love, and Trever the oldest, was up for anything and breezed through the session with ease! We headed up to Esterbrook Wyoming and Medicine Bow National Forest for their session, where there were turkeys, and cattle, and deer, oh my! And while the sky did keep us dry, it was still definitely a colder afternoon. But they smiled and laughed with goosebumps and all!

Since starting this journey I have noticed I look at scenery differently, so I really enjoyed following these folks down the dirt roads getting to explore new and exciting landscapes with my photography brain soaking it all in. So, to the amazing Burris family, thank you all so much for letting me photograph your beautiful family this week. I had an awesome time with every one of you!


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