Wyoming Winter Engagement | Casper Mountain | Liz & Jace

Let’s talk about this Wyoming wind. It’s out of control! And on Sunday, the road up to Casper Mountain was treacherous to say the least. With massive wind gusts and blowing snow, I was more than a little nervous for what we would have in store once we got to the top for this engagement session.

Luckily, once we got on location, I was quickly able to find a few pockets where the wind was (almost) non existent! There was definitely no protection from the cold though! I will say, all that cold and wind was worth it 100 times over for Liz and Jace’s engagement session!

When I met these two for the first time over coffee, they said they for sure they wanted to include two people who mean the world to them, Landon and Audrey. I was so thrilled! If I have one regret from Troy and I’s engagement session, it’s that we didn’t bring our little ones along, even for just one photo.

I love proposal stories, you all know I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. So when I heard Jace proposed to Liz while SHE was DRIVING! I literally gasped. How unexpected and spontaneously awesome is that?! And let’s talk about how amazing of a driver Liz is, because I would have immediately forgotten to drive and crashed right there!

Liz & Jace, I am so excited for your mountain wedding! You two practically glow when you are together. And I’ll just say, if you can handle a freezing winter engagement session, you two can handle anything together! I loved getting to hang out with all FOUR of you again, and will be counting down until your big day, because I know it’s going to be fantastic!!!


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