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Hey All! I hope you’re having a fabulous week! I decide for today’s blog post, to go over a few frequently asked questions that I have received from past HE couples before and after booking! Here we gooooo!

Q: What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

A: I really really reallyyyy love the time the bride and groom get together during their portraits! Mix that in with a little golden hour light, swoon!!! But seriously, photographing the joy and love you will feel on the biggest day of your life brings me such happiness!

Q: What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to an engaged couple?

A: So first, enjoy being engaged! You only get to be engaged for a very short amount of time when you think about it in relation to how long you will be married. So go out, have fun, and celebrate the heck out of it! Second, while you’re planning your wedding, create a wedding day timeline! Seriously, I don’t care how boring it sounds! It will save you so much stress on the day of! Annnnd, if your looking for a stress free day, hire a wedding planner! You will not regret it!

Q: How would you describe your photography style?

A: Joyous, natural, and bright! I want to take photographs that will stand the test of time! So by having a style that is bright while keeping colors true to life, you can be confident knowing that fads will come and go, but you will love your photos for years to come! I also make sure that when you look back on your photos from your big day, that you can feel the joy! You can remember the laughs! And all of that elation you felt will come flooding back!

Q: What is your personal approach on the wedding day?

A: My goal is to guide you into creating memories you can show all of your future generations. I will spend so much time right along side you, being your eyes after the fact. I pride myself on know which moments to be more interactive, and knowing when to fade back to capture the moments happening around you!

Q: Do you travel for Weddings?

A: Yes please! I absolutly LOVE traveling! And destination weddings are a personal favorite of mine! So if you feel the same, just reach out to me and we can discuss this adventure in detail!

Q: Do you watermark your photos?

A: Short answer, No :). Long answer, I am here to capture the joy you share together. And I honestly feel that adding a watermark takes away from all of that emotion. Your photos should showcase you! Not my watermark. The only reason you will see a watermark on a photo I have taken would be for promotional purposes and advertising! All of the photos you will receive will be watermark free!

Q: Do you sell prints or digitals?

A: BOTH! At the end of it all, you will receive a Pinterest worthy digital gallery of your final edited photos that you can download and print as you like! When it comes to prints, you can purchase them through your online gallery that for-fills from a professional print lab (which I do recommend) or through any where else you like. I just cannot guarantee the color or quality through separate print labs.

Q: What should we do once we download our photos?

A: Back them up! Technology is super finicky. And the last thing you want is to lose a memory because of a computer crash. So save your photos to more than one place (ie: one copy on an external hard drive and another to a cloud backup system!) You can save them to your actual computer, but these files are HUGE. So having them all on your computer could slow it down. And please please pleaseeee print them! That is the best way to have something tangible to look back on through the years.

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: OK! OK! No one really asked this question! But I just needed to have a way to sneak in that I really love my cat! Plus, I had to lighten the mood from those more technical questions!

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