Wyoming Senior Photos | Kelly Walsh High School | WyLee 2019

I know I come off as a little too excited about my job. I’m always having small kids come up to me and say “Wow, you must really love taking pictures!”. I always think to myself is it that obvious? and the more I think about it… YES it is that obvious! Who else but someone who REALLY loves their job would venture out into a stow storm, (on more than one occasion) and stand in the thick of it to produce work they are excited to show the world!

Now WyLee’s senior session was not planned for the snow. In fact, we had all the fall vibes in mind for her photos. But when mother nature dumps buckets of white fluff from the sky, you roll with it! BUT, somehow through the fog, we were still able to hunt down those vibrant fall colors to make sure we still got the autumn feel for at least some of these photos!

By now, you might already know that this 2019 senior is my little sister. You might know we are 10 years apart. You might know that she drove me NUTS while I was a teenager. You might know that she is an animal lover with a heart of gold. But one thing I need to make sure that everyone knows about this girl, is that I’m so crazy proud of my littlest sister. I love her to pieces and I am thrilled to see the amazing things she will accomplish in her bright future!

WyLee, thanks for trusting me, standing in the snow, freezing your butt off, and being the beautiful girl inside and out that you are! Love you!


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