Wyoming Senior Photos | Fall Session | Aurora 2019

I’d have to say, that fall is definitely a coveted time of year for senior photos! Most of my gals knew one thing when we scheduled, they wanted those beautiful fall colors! Aurora though, she wanted WINTER photos! But alas! The deadline for senior photos is before we received our first snow fall. SO stay tuned! Because she will soon be rocking the second half of her session in the snow!

Aurora is the final Senior Spokesmodel for 2019 that I get to introduce! Between her iconic split frame glasses, and love for Buddy Holly, she is retro in the best way! And let’s not look past her gorgeous red hair! Because I might be obsessed!

This beautiful lady has been rocking the flute since 5th grade and also plays the piccolo! I’ve said it before but here we are again… YA’LL WHO CAN PLAY INSTRUMENTS ARE BLOWING MY MIND!!! Her musical talent paired with her sense of humor and easygoing attitude were just fantastic to work with!

Aurora! Thank you so so so much for joining me for part one of your senior photos! So excited to do it again!


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