Casper Mountain | Fall Senior Session | Mercy 2019

When a senior shows up to a session wearing a ‘Pumpkin Spice Everything’ shirt. I’m automatically stoked! When the senior is as awesome as Mercy, that just takes it to a whole other level!

Mercy is another one of my amazing 2019 Senior Spokesmodels. And I think the part I love most about having these gals on the team, is that I get to really know them, like actually KNOW them!!! I just love getting to hear about their future plans and watching them succeed during their senior year!

Once Mercy slayyys her senior year (much like she did with her senior photos!) She is going to continue her education in… (wait for it!) Hawaii! She plans to study marine biology and I just know she is going to do amazing! From doing dance and karate, to playing the trombone, this lady has more talents than I can fathom! And I love that she brought some of those to her session!

Mercy and Teresa, thank you both for wandering through the woods and exploring the river banks with me! You two were a lot of fun and I loved every second!


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