Wyoming Photographer | Cutler Family Session

When you pull up to a session, and the family brings along one big, fantastic, purple prop… you about faint from excitement! How do I know? From Wednesday’s Family session of course! The Cutler clan not only brought their A game when it comes to good looks and fantastic attitudes, but the also brought their purple classic car along with them! (Keep scrolling for the awesomeness!)

I cannot say enough how much I love when my clients bring pieces of their personality/lives into a session. It is just a crazy wonderful way to make each session unique and all their own!

These wonderfully proud parents have two beautiful daughters, Kyndle and Krysten. Together all four of them were pretty dang fantastic to photograph! They were easy to joke with and smiled so bright at one another! Plus, can we talk about how they totally took the white t-shirt and jeans look and elevated it to a whole other level!!!

So I will wrap this up with one colossal thank you to the Cutler family! Thank you all for joining me in front of the camera on Wednesday! You all are just the bee’s knees!!!


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