28 Things That Could Save Your Wedding Day – The Emergency Kit You Didn’t Know You Needed

You guys familiar with Murphy’s law? Just in case you are not, I have it right here for you!

Murphy’s Quantum Law: Anything that can, could have, or will go wrong, is going wrong, all at once. If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe or pregnancy, then someone will do it.

For this post we’re going to focus more on the catastrophe portion and less on the pregnancy part of the law (I die laughing every time I read that snippet) BUT that is a perfect preface for this topic! If it can go wrong, IT WILL! So being prepared as heck can do nothing but good in any situation.

Yes we all laugh at the guy with the emergency kit fanny pack. Until you drop a glob of ketchup on your white shirt, and he unzips that bad boy so fast, yanking out a tide to-go stick saving the day! That’s the guy you want at your wedding! So be that guy! To help, I’ve created this list of all of the things you should stuff into your own fanny pack (okay maybe don’t go that far, because these can be just as effective packed in a purse or bag!) and for added fun, I’ve got links to a few of my favs! But a lot of these you can find at most stores in travel sizes for convenience.

1. Compact Mirror

2. Bandaids/First Aid Kit

3. Bug Spray

4. Sunscreen

5. Wet Wipes

6. Q-Tips

7. Petty Cash

8. Tissues

9. Safety Pins

10. Bobby Pins

11. Stain Removing Stick

12. Water Bottle

13. Granola Bar (Or Other Quick Snacks)

14. Deoderant

15. Mini Sewing Kit

16. Oil Blotting Tissues

17. Chapstick

18. Touch Up Makeup

19. Advil

20. Shoes For Walking

21. Small Scissors

22. Double Sided Tape

23. Heel Protectors

24. Tampons

25. Lint Roller

26. Wrinkle Releaser

27. Mini Lotion Bottle

28. Hand Sanitizer

Thanks for reading! Because life is fun when you’re prepared for it! Now pack that emergency kit and get all sorts of married!!!


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