How To Plan A Wedding | Week 8

Hello again! Fancy seeing you here 😉 Week 8 of how to plan a wedding is upon us!!! And we are shifting into tasks around 4 to 5 months before your wedding day!

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Book hair and makeup artist– You might have already selected your hair and makeup artist around the time you did your engagement session. But if you haven’t, now is the time! In an effort to make sure this post is packed full of good info, I reached out to a local hair artist Brittney Stark (find her on instagram @brittneystarkhair) to get some extra tips!

Book a trial run a few weeks before– This tip can help take some of the nerves out of the actual day of. A trail run will basically give you and your artists a game plan! They might take photos of your doo/beautiful face and make notes of things you might want to change for the wedding day.

Pin, Pin, Pin!– When it comes to your hair and makeup, your stylist will love some inspiration! So Pinterest will be a great source for you to find a look you love. And the more pins of your vision the better!

Bring your favs!– Check in with the makeup artist to see if they would like you to bring some of your own makeup that they can work with. This could consist of your favorite foundation, mascara, etc.

Second day hair– Unless you have overly greasy hair (raises hand shamefully while typing) second day hair is best for your hair stylist to get your perfect look!

Dress for the occasion– Imagine you’re all did up, stunning, flawless hair and makeup! You go to change into your beautiful wedding dress… and you realize you have to pull your t-shirt over your perfect face and hair. Risking smears, a loose eyelash, fly aways, and all around decimation of your perfection. So be sure to either dress in a getting ready robe or a button up shirt! You will not regret it!

Plan music– The music you select can really set the tone for your entire day. Not only that but I also feel it is a moment to let your personalities/relationship shine! My husband’s love for Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant and Allison Krauss “Sick With Me Baby”) was perfect for our main processional, while my Queen obsession made it’s way into the recessional with their song “You’re My Best Friend”. Here is a list of different moments you might want to plan specific songs/have ambient music for;

Guest Arrival/Seating

Wedding Party Processional

Main Processional (Brides Entrance)

First Kiss/Recessional

Guests Entering Cocktail Hour

Wedding Party Entrance

Bride and Groom Entrance

First Dance

Group Dance

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

Durring Dinner

During Speeches

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

Cake Cutting

Final Dance

Send Off/Bride and Groom Exit

Dress Fitting/Purchase Shoes– Depending on your seamstress, you might have your first dress fitting around this 6 month period before your wedding. Now if you’re like me and change your body shape depending on the availability of the nearest pint of ice cream, don’t fret. There will be more dress fittings closer to your big day. But the reason for this task being included with your shoe purchase, is so your seamstress can plan an accurate dress length at your fitting. And on a side note, please plan comfortable backup shoes. You will thank me when it is time to boogey!

Alright get to pinning and planning while you wait for week 9!


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